About Gregston Coakley:

Hi, I’m Gregston Coakley.

I don’t understand why I’m supposed to write this “about me” page in the third person …

So after numerous attempts to sound smarter than I really am, by writing about myself in the third person. I Gregston Coakley gave up that approach and decided to write this page like it was a letter to a friend.

Which it actually is, because I developed The 21st Century’s Musician’s Toolbox after I began to see so many of my friends being left behind. By the record labels they had helped to build.

I call it the Musicpocalypse.

Anyway – what do you want to know?

I’ve worked in the music industry for over thirty-five years. I began as a production assistant for the brothers Maurice and Verdine White (Earth, Wind, and Fire.) Since then, I’ve done everything from security to roadie, to artist manager, to concert promoter to Industry analyst.

I have spent the last two decades straddled between the world of technology and the music industry. I've consulted with some of the biggest tech companies in the Silicon Valley. (Pandora, Apple, and Facebook) to name a few. I was there in the early nineties, before the carnage. When everyone was fighting for their piece of the Music Industry Carcass.

I've also consulted some of the biggest music artist in the world. I've helped them to understand this new 2st Century Technology driven music industry. More about that later:

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